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MotoMon GPS Tracking Platform

MotoMon based in Miami Florida offers superior real-time web based GPS tracking solutions to both commercial and private consumers, providing detailed monitoring of fleet vehicles, cars, ships, trucks, construction equipment, and people. Empowering you to efficiently manage mobile assets, lower operation expenses, and improve personnel accountability. You can track and monitor live or view over 24 months of historical data with the easy to use online software. MotoMon delivers comprehensive asset management solutions for any application in 10 languages and in 30 countries worldwide.

If it moves, we can track it.

Characteristics of the tracking software

  • Complete gps real time tracking
  • Immediate reduction of vehicle operating expenses
  • All data stored for 24 months with immediate recall ability
  • Full system access anywhere you have Internet connectivity
  • Built in multi-language support with on-line help tutorial (US, ESP, UK, GER, FR, RUS,  IT, PL, CZ, SK)
  • Easy to use web based software
  • Exact tracking of speed traveled and fuel consumption
  • Automatically assigning address to actual geographic positions
  • Custom defined landmarks
  • Automatic generation of the log-book by using of reverse geocoding
  • Trip replay motion displayed directly in maps of the log-book
  • Zero expenses on installing, maintenance and updating of the web software
  • Detailed fleet management software
  • Scheduled automated reports
  • Certified reporting of vehicle expenses for  the IRS
  • SSL encryption of all data transmissions
  • Ability to distinguish between private and business vehicle usage
  • Instant location of any vehicle
  • Data export and integration with accounting software (CSV)
  • Support for metric and US measuring system

Security 24/7

Geo fencing can inform management when vehicles have entered into a restricted area.  Vehicle operators can be notified of violations via the GSM network in the form of phone calls, SMS, or emails.  Authorized managers can execute precautions via the web interface or remotely to protect vehicles and cargo, by activating the ignition lock, switching on a siren or other visual alerts.  Vehicles can be located within 30 feet, enabling rapid recovery of stolen vehicles. It is also possible to activate a microphone and monitor conversations or vocally communicate with possible intruders.

Fuel Flowmeter and real-time Monitoring

The exact position of a vehicle is recorded into the internal memory of the module during its motion. This data is then transferred via the GSM network  onto a server and is further processed into the overview log-book. It is then possible to monitor the motion of the vehicle directly on the maps historically or real time.  When fueling data is recorded, a sophisticated program calculates distance and speed and provides an average MPG [miles per gallon] consumption.  Immediately,  owner can evaluate if vehicles are not running properly or if fuel is being stolen.

Benefits of having a professional development Team working for you

MotoMon is the proprietary developer of all tracking web interface software applications. They are dedicated to continually maintain and enhance their servers and software to keep you ahead of the competition. Most parts of the software can be customized to suit your individual needs. We encourage and promote this communication and will work to satisfy all of our client’s requests. You are welcome to inspect and try our electronic log-book software. If you want to get demo access to the log-book please do not hesitate to fill in the application form in the right column of this page to get your personal username and password.