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Company Profile

MotoMon Corporation offices are located in Miami, Florida, USA, has been established as a GPS tracking platform Provider Company in North and South America since 2009, a branch office of Eurosat our headquarter located in Brno, Czech Republic with distributors worldwide.  Eurosat was established in 1992 and has developed one of the industry leading mobile asset electronic GPS tracking applications.  It’s available in 12 languages and is currently operating in over 45 countries.


MotoMon’s tracking Platform uses GPS (Global Positioning System) to easily and reliably customizable to work with third party systems monitor the comp movement of your mobile assets, vehicles, personnel or transported cargo. The complete system is created from automatically processed tracking data. Providing all the industry standard features, over 100 standard reports, and proprietary features of our own which include, T.E.M.S. (Transport Environment Monitoring System) which can schedule, monitor, track, and report on shipments anywhere.  The EMX-1 Probe, in combination with our newly developed SmartBox (portable tracker box with extend 6 month battery), provides real-time information of temperature, humidity, light, air pressure and G-force/impacts. This setup has been impressing corporations the world over.

MotoMon is considered as one of the most powerful and customizable GPS tracking platform on the market. Through an OEM / Private Labeling distributor network we have spread throughout the world giving us a true global footprint.

Our success in part comes from always listening to our customer’s needs and the ability to create realistic solutions, which ultimately saves time and money. Continually improving the GPS tracking platform which resolves real world logistics problems is the heart of what we do best. The constant attention to details, personalized service, and turn-key integration of individual corporate requirements is what makes us an industry leader.
Our tracking platform is currently supported by our distributors in five continents, the Americas, Asia (including the Middle East), Africa, Australia /Oceania. Wherever your operations maybe located, we have you covered.